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Projects March 2010-August 2014


APRIL 2014:
Did a couple of Voice-Over characters for a new interactive choice type video game, playing an ageing Rock and Roller  and a  story-teller/narrator.  The project is still in the development stage so more details when it's completed.

MARCH 2014
And another project with Stephanie - this time a Neil Simon (California Suite) with Stephanie direction.  And we met  38 years ago at the University of Georgia when Stephanie was directing a Neil Simon for her thesis production and cast me in the show.

FINALLY! Stephanie and I get to do "Love Letters" - we had almost done in several times in the past but always the production fell through. But in February, directed by Thomas De Villiers (of Gin Game and Cocktail Hour fame)  we got the chance to do the show in Beacon - a great delight..

Carol Nadel cast me as Sam, the chauffeur brother in a reading of Pinter's The Homecoming  done for the New York Society for Ethical Culture's Ethics and the Theatre  reading series, directed by Dick Van Deusel.   It's a role I've wanted to play for ages and with a great cast, it was a real delight.  Even better was the discussion after which looked at the play in terms of ethics as well as 'theatre'.

NOVEMBER 2013-October 2014:
Fun gigs often come out of the blue. Joy Franz, my Mrs Peachum from the Marvell Rep  Threepenny Opera  linked me up with  a group called Slightly Altered States who were planning a production of a new absurdist play written by the Artistic Director, Sari Caine. I got the role of Frank Landing (in Mr Landing Takes a Fall ) from a reading in November.  Then there was a reading of a revised script in April 2014 and another in May. We do a first full performance with limited tech at a theatre Festival in Memphis, TN in early August and then a month run in Manhattan at Theatre for a New City in September. I'll keep people posted on dates and so forth.

JULY 2013:
Finally a chance to appear in Hamlet.  Playing the Ghost, the Player King and the Gravedigger.  apart from the fact the I spent most of my time changing costime, it was a lovely experience directed by .... Schiffbauer at the Huudson Guild Theatre.

JUNE 2013:
Played a heart attack patient on clopidogrel for WebMD - talk about deja vu!
Also check out Series 5 Episode 3 of Royal Pains on USA - Angus played Bill Hollingsworth - a blowhard who won't shut up (no comments please!)  Although the program is set in the Hamptons, the early episodes each year are filmed in Savannah so I had a great time seeing Savannah again - haven't been back since I was a post-doc at UGA in '75.

May 2013:
Another show with 4th Wall at the Beacon Theatre in Beacon, NY.  This time A.R. Gurney's autobiographical play: The Cocktail Hour with my wife in the show played by Stephanie.

April 2013
Filmed a scene with Emma Stone  for her new movie -  "London Calling" (the code name for "The Amazing Spiderman 2) due for release in 2014.

My third show with Marvell Rep - Night Games - an adaptation of a Shnitzler short story - runs at the Barrow Group Theatre of 36th Street.

DECEMBER 16th 2012:
Mrs Fezziwig's Second Annual Christmas Party at the Howland Center was staged as a fundraiser for the Bricktown Theatre. Full productions are planned for later in the year.

My Second show with Marvell Rep  -  Springs Awakening - (the original Wedekind play)  was a great success except for succumbing to the Hurricane.  We lost several sold out performance to the power losses and MTA shutdowns - very sad.

The Gin Game at Theatre Beacon with Stepanie (wife) Having done "....Virginia Woolf"  with Stephanie with Peekskill Rep many years ago, it's great to do a sort of "George and Martha in an old folks home"!

APRIL 27 2012:
The Marvell Rep Production of Threepenny Opera (February) in which Angus Played Mr Peachum was nominated in the "Outstanding Revival of a Musical" category for a Drama Desk Award.

April 22 2012:
Read featured roles in two one acts by Alan Davis III in the Heeron studio of the Soho Playhouse as part of a writers group meeting.  The plays were directed by Katrin Hilbe.

MARCH 16-19 2012
Played Father Seamus in 4th Wall's production of "Finnegan's Farewell" at the Beacon Theatre (in Beacon, NY)

February  2012 :
Played Mr Peacum in Marvell Rep's production of Threepenny Opera.  The text is by Michael Finegold and the show used the new approved score by the Weill Estate.  The show was directed by Lenny Liebowitz, the Artistic Director of Marvell Rep.

February 6-7 2012:
Filmed the role of Alexander (the family lawyer) in Portland Empire - Sally Greenland's NYFA thesis production. which was accepted for the Cannes Court Metrage for 2012!

December 18 2011
The second fundraiser for The Brick Town Theatre ran at the Howland Center in Beacon:  Mrs Fezziwig's First Annual Christmas Party.  Another packed success.

December 11 2011
Filmed a section from what used to be called "Companions" for use as a trailer/promo with Stephanie.

December 01 2011
Filmed a commercial spot for Dubli in NJ.  Mostly improv round a basic script.

November  14 2011
Filmed a background spot for a L'Oreal commercial (Me? in a L'Oreal commercial?)

October 14-20 2011
The film "HAPPY LIFE"  directed by Michael M. Bilandic, is getting its New York premier run at the Rerun Theatre in Brooklyn (147 Front Street - Mezzanine, Brooklyn NY)
Nice to see it getting some coverage - it was made in 2008 but not officially released until early this year.

October 16 2011
Angus is appearing in the benefit for the Brick Town Theatre at the Howland Cultural Center in Beacon.  A group of  actors in the area will be performing favorite songs from some of the great Broadway musicals - hence the title: "From Broadway to Beacon"

October 2 2011
My performance monolog, written in 2009 for the "Artists against the Death Penalty" initiative run by the Peekskill artists' community has been published in an "Artists vs death penalty" blog run by a law student in the UK - Athina Ouranidou.  She's been working on the blog for a couple of years, soliciting all forms of input and is building up quite an impressive collection of written and visual pieces protesting the use of the death penalty.
the piece appears in the October listing.

September 27 2011
Another opportunity to play my old friend Ezra Pound  in the revised text that will be staged in Seattle in November.  This time, the reading was organised by the League of Professional Theatre Women.  Elizabeth Bishop is much more fleshed out in this version and was read this time by Holly Hylton.

September 25 2011
A busy day with two readings.  The first playing Walter, the CIA chief in Greg Bodine's "COMPANY MEN" at the Manhattan Theatre Source and the second, reading the Father in Fred Timm's "Fugue" at HB studios.  Two very different pieces - the first a WhoDoneIT and the second a lyrical piece about families and admitting the truth in relationships.

September 22 2011
This was the first event for our new theatre Company in Beacon - Brick Town Theatre [ ]  We had a benefit performance by Madera Vox, a local music group  which features one of the Brick Town Theatre members, Kelly Ellenwood, on vocals.  The benefit was in our new hose on West Willow Street in Beacon and gave our new baby grand a real workout.  A great evening for all concerned.
August 24 2011
Filming with Grace Kiley as 'Mom and Dad' in a film by Rick Alverston "THE COMEDY"

August 23 2011
Filmed the second part of my Boardwalk Empire appearance in episode 209 - complete with unexpected earthquake!

[August 11 2011-  finally completed the move to Beacon - my new base]

July 26 2011
Read the lead (the Centurion) in a workshop reading of a new musical -"THE CENTURION" for Jubilee! llc, at the Matthew Corozine Studio in mid-town.

July 21 2011
Got the opportunity to reprise my role in "ASSISTED LIVING" for the the Samuel French One Act Festival. And I even remembered all my lines word!---BANANA!!!!

June 29 2011
Filmed the first part of a 2 scene role in Boardwalk Empire episode 209.  Filming was at Van Cordlandt Manor in the Bronx - look for me in the new season!

June 24 2011
Played the dual roles of Mr Lewis and Mr Olin in "THE TRIAL", a parable by Ashley Grriffin at the Nicu's Spoon theatre in mid-town.

May 22 2011
Played the role of Leo Crabtree (the father) in a short film called "CONCEIVING ANGUS" (no relation), directed by Tim Klein.

April 2011
Recorded Apemantus for a radio version of Timon of Athens, a Columbia U. audio theatre project directed by Michael Merriam with my old chum Seth Duerr playing Timon.

April 11 2011
A reading, part of the Oberon New Plays series, at the Lambs club in mid-town of a new play  - "GREGOR MENDEL" written by K.J. Crane and directed by Gillian Riley. I played Abbott Cyril Napp, the head of the order.

March 2011
Performances of EATFest in a play called "Assisted Living" where I played and old man in a home who can only say "bananas" in response to any question - how many ways can one say bananas and convey a meaning?  Quite a lot as it turns out.
Also another reading of Nagle Jackson's "Taking Leave" this time down at the Hedgerow Theatre in Pennsylvania.  A superb venue and a great evening.
March 19th was Theatre Uncut day where I directed the 8 Theatre uncut pieces (and appeared in a couple) at the Manhattan Theatre Source thanks to Jenny Green. A great success thanks to the talent and hard work of a great cast.

Jan/Feb 2011 After far too long an absence, Stephanie Hepburn, from our new base in Beacon, NY, directed Moliere's Tartuffe at the Depot Theatre in Garrison in a wonderful translation by Roger Mcgough, the Liverpool Poet, originally commissioned by Gemma Bodinetz of the Liverpool Playhouse.  Angus played Cleante (the straight man! - surprise, surprise) It's always a delight when a 350 year old play generates howls of laughter from contemporary audiences. 

January 2011: Filmed the Intro and Outro sections for a three part series called "Corrupting the Classics with Contemporary Crap"  The Series combines classical characters/writer etc with some of the present day's high profile non-event 'personalities'.  Check the first three shows out on Youtube:

Episode 1:  Dr Phil

Episode 2:  Crossing Over with John Edward

Episode 3:  Project Playwright

Angus and Natalie

All very silly but a lot of fun.  Hopefully there'll be more later in the year.

December:  Filmed  "The Path of Avarice (Staran na Sanntachd)" , a 15 min short shot largely in Gaelic  for submission in a 5 min version to the  FilmG  Festival in Glasgow.  As of mid Jan 2011, the film has been shorlisted  for  the Best Director (newcomer) award  - congrats to Catriona Rubenis-Stevens.

See the film here. And vote for the film in the People's Choice Award  category.

Angus  Angus and Elspeth

October-November: After the longest time trying to get together with Marcus and the Folding Chair team we finally managed it and the result was a lovely production of The Weir at the Access Theatre.

Weir Group  Jack and Brendan

"Angus Hepburn is marvelous as Jack—he is at once jolly and morose, playful and mournful (in other words,
quintessentially Irish), and his entirely convincing performance serves as an anchor for the
proceedings." Nat Cassidy -

"A as in Mr. Angus Hepburn for whom the Folding Chair waited long to do The Weir. It was worth the wait."  Theatre I'm Thankful for in 2010 - Kate

The reading of Marlowe by the Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum took place at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in early October with an encore reading in Tribeca.

June 8th - Rough cut of "Impossible Demonstration" shown at the NYFA graduation film presentation.

May 22nd:  Reading of the latest revision of "The Man in the Newspaper Hat" by Haley Heaton.  A new Scene 5 added to contrast the two poets' writing. A very effective introduction - the two approaches are beautifully contrasted - Haley strikes again!

May 10th:  Reading of latest version of Vanda's play "Mrs Ryan of Maspeth" playing  Russell Ryan opposite Tandy Cronin at the Players Club.  A real delight!

May 13th, 15th and 16th: Filmed "The Impossible Demonstration" on location  in the East Village. Angus played as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Impossible Demonstration was an NYFA Thesis film about the relationship between Conan Doyle and Houdini.

April 25 - May 26th: Workshop with the Directors Company. Shana Solomon adapting and directing 'The White Train' based on a short story by J. Malcolm Garcia about the Cartoneras in Argentina. Nagle Jackson as Master Director. Performances on May 24-26.

April 25th: Workshop reading of Babette's Feast with Threads Theatre Company.  - Nice adaptation.

April 16 and 18:  Filming  'the Cucumber that Killed me' (NYU short)

March 20th: Cast in a Directors and Actors workshop with Adrienne Weiss.  Directed by Sharifa Williams , it's a scene from 'The Dead Zone' and  Graham Powell (from the QED 'Antigone') plays the other character.

March 16th: A reading fof the latest version of Vanda's  Mrs Ryan of Maspeth, Queens - (but reading a different role this time- not Mr Ryan) at the Players club.  Tandy Cronin reading Mrs Ryan - lovely performance.

March 14th: A reading of the latest version of The Man in the Newspaper Hat at the Tornpage Salon  with Haley's latest modifications

March 2nd 2010: Angus records several V/Os for the Irish Tourist Board, recorded by Broadcasters.

March 2nd  2010:   Angus opened in "Merely Players" by Mark Castle and directed by Tzipora Kaplan as part of Emerging Artists EATFest in Feb/Mar 2010, Series B

February/April:  Readings of  Julius Caesar (playing Caesar) and Macbeth (playing Duncan) in Feb and York in Richard II for the Hudson Warehouse Theater Company.

January 4, 2010:  Angus  started rehearsals for Arthur Miller's The Crucible, which ran at the end of January at the Manhattan Theatre Source on MacDougal Street, just south of Washington Square.  He played the role of Judge Danforth.  The producing Company was the Coryphaeus Theater Company.

January 28, 2010:   Angus will be reading "Address to the Haggis" and other poems by Robert Burns at the January meeting of the National Arts Club on Grammercy Park South. for their Burns celebration.

January 4th, Start rehearsals for The Crucible with Coryphaeus Theater Company.

December 3rd Filming law office scene for Independent Film "John Adams" playing Adams boss (Directed by Steven Mondesir)

December: Promos filmed for Vanguard retirement funds for Internet use.

December 3rd Recording V/O for new RockStar Games Wild West video game for release in 2010. 

November 23rd - 24th Filming Wall Street 2 with Michael Douglas and Eli Wallach, playing Gekko Trader #1. (Directed by Oliver Stone)

November 20th Filming sketch "Marco Polo" playing Captain Hackman.
November 9th-22nd "Play On" Fall EATFest  - TADA Theatre
October 30th Motion Capture For New Rockstar Games video game.
October 25th  Workshop Reading of Mrs Maspeth of Queens (Manhattan Theatre Source)
October 15th/18th Pirates of Penzance - Commercial  (Runs December 2009/January 2010) Check out  this YouTube link.
October  8th, Record V/O  for Broadcasters  (Pharmaceutical)


2009 FALL EATFest, November 9th-22nd
Angus played the role of Robert - the billionaire businessman - in the premiere of "Play On" by Emily Mitchell.  The show ran for 2 weeks during Emerging Artists 2009 Fall EATFest.
Play On #3
(AEA Showcase)

August 14 - August 25th :  "AFTERLIGHT"

Afterlight Image

Angus appeared for the first time at the New York International Fringe Festival.  He opened August 14th at the Off-Broadway venue, the Cherry Lane Theatre playing Michael in the world premiere of  "AFTERLIGHT". The play, written by Monica Florey, was produced by Threads Theatre Company and  directed by Misti Wills.   The show performed at the Cherry Lane Theatre main stage, 38 Commerce Street (between Bedford and Barrow), with performances on :
Friday, August 14th @ 7:15pm
Wednesday, August 19th @ 3:00pm
Thursday, July 20th @ 7:15pm
Saturday, August 22nd @ 12:00 noon
Tuesday,, August 25th @5:45pm

(AEA showcase) 

A flutter, quick and light.
A wolf howls.
An accident.
Ordinary lives collide with the supernatural.

Afterlight, which is inspired by the imagery of surrealist photography, is the mysterious story of a quiet Northeastern town where a school bus accident incites a series of events that the residents cannot understand or explain. A wolf has been spotted lurking on the edge of the woods where teenaged lovebirds Pru and Hunter meet every night; Louise finds her recently retired husband digging up the floorboards; and seven-year-old Shane keeps seeing albino monarch butterflies. The members of the community, increasingly unsettled and energized by their circumstances, are forced to confront the messy nature of grief, the fragility of hope, and the dangers of loving someone deeply.

Check out Angus' interview with Charlie LaGreca of the Variety Power Hour.

 Kim Carlson and Angus Hepburn

Some nice reviews:

"Angus Hepburn is stellar as Michael, a sweetly befuddled elder gentleman with a curmudgeonly edge; reminiscent of Hume Cronyn or Spencer Tracy, he brings subtlety and elegance to the role of a man uncertain of purpose in life's later years. "Were we enough?" Michael asks of his wife, Louise (the dignified Kim Carlson), as they look back on a childless marriage."   David Ian Lee,, August 17th 2009

"...there's much here to admire -- especially the beautifully drawn characters, superbly played by the fine ensemble."
Frank Scheck, New York Post August 18, 2009

"Flory's characters have the pluck and emotional weight to hold you captive."  Diane Snyder, Time Out NY, Aug 19, 2009


The show took place in Moscow in 1933, a year after Stalin's second wife, Nadia, died and when he was beginning to transition to the "Reign of terror" monster, when the US was opening it's embassy in Moscow.  In the fall of that year Harpo Marx went to Russia for a couple of months on a good will mission, playing shows for the Russian people.  The conceit takes off from there: the English wife of the Russian ambassador to Washington tries to help a Russian engineer and his girlfriend who have gotten into trouble with the party and enlists Harpo to help.   Stalin will have nothing to do with it although he is fascinated with Ivy and thoroughly enjoys Harpo's humor.  Lots of songs, Marx brothers style slapstick and a Stalin well on the way to the purges complete the mix.

Angus Hepburn and Maria Deasy

Above: Maria Deasy as Ivy Litvinova and Angus Hepburn as Stalin.

The 10th MITF Award Nominations have just been announced (August 23rd) and A Night in the Kremlin   has picked up a nice handful of nominations:

Outstanding Production of a Musical
Outstanding Music & Lyrics - Bernard Besserglik & Bob Barton
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical - Jeff Essex
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical - Briana Layon
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play or Musical - Angus Hepburn
Outstanding Choreography - Natasa Trifan

August 30:  "A Night in the Kremlin"
Angus has been invited, together with Jeff Essex (Harpo) to reprise one of the numbers from the show for the MITF awards ceremony on Sunday, August 30th


ManyTracks production of "The Man in the Newspaper Hat" by Haley Heaton, in which Angus played Ezra Pound, finished a highly successful run at the 45th Street Theatre on April 1st.   Click HERE for more info on the show.

Angus Hepburn As Pound. Photo: Elisha Schaefer Angus As PoundAngus as Pound
Other Projects:

WENDY's Commercial
for Latenight  on MTV playing the Company Boss.  October 2009

MINE 40 Films Short feature "Bleeding", directed by Nyle Cavazos Garcia, completed filming in early February and has now finished editing (Character: Dr. Frederick Gerlach).   The Final cut
screens in New York on Tuesday, Aug 18th at 7pm at Anthology Film Archives (corner of 2nd Ave & 2nd St).  The Film should be available for distribution in mid-December

ESL- Brighton Beach/No Smoking program.  The program, filmed in 2008 as party of the CUNY series, is now a part of the "We are New York" ESL cable program series and premiered  on Saturday June 27, 2009 at 4:00 pm with an encore presentation on Sunday at 7:30 am. There is a VIP reception for the series and especially for the "No Smoking" episode on Monday, August 18th in Brighton Beach.

Short Film - "Kindergarten Shuffle"  directed by Douglas Morse about the problems parents face in trying to put their children into the education system - played  Johnathan - father of 4 year old Rebecca. May 25th.

10th Season of Instant Shakespeare:
 Malvolio in 12th Night, May 16th - Riverside Library; Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, May 30th - Jefferson Branch.

Short film - "Right in the Queen's Onions"  playing pompous English 'expert'.  Filmed  May 8th.

Additional dialogue filmed for Daniel Califf-Glick's movie about the early life of President Harrison and V/O for "Life in a Game" - April 23rd and June 10th.  "The Triumph of William Henry Harrison" will be premiere at Rutgers University  on June 21st in the New Jersey Film Festival.
Workshop Reading of "Mrs Ryan of Maspeth Queens",  March 29th as part of the  Writers' Forum at the Manhattan Theatre Source

Poetry Reading/Scene Reading in the Morningside Library (Broadway and 114th  Street as publicity  event for "The Man in the Newspaper Hat" - March 18th.

ROCKSTAR GAMES  -  new untitled project - voice-over session completed March 19th - more info to follow.

NYFA short film  "Unfinished Business" directed by Robert Ronny Completed shooting on Feb 25th and finished editing by the March 10th - surely one of the fastest turn round times ever!  See the Reel:Film/TV page for a short scene  (Character: John - the Father).

NYFA Short film "It's Your Fault " directed by Pablo Herran de Viu, is in final editing (Character: Husband) and waiting for completion of the specially composed background music.

Columbia U. Thesis Film "The Man Who Wasn't ", directed by Kevin McCormack, after some final make up shots and additional VO recording in late January, is currently in final editing (Character: Father).  Further info available on IMDb.

SVA Short film "Taste", directed by Victoria Rivera, finished filming in December 2008.  (Character: Richard Pratt).  Music and additional sound recording are completed and received a special showing on Manhattan's biggest screen on May 1st.  Clips will be up on the reels page soon.

Columbia U. Short film "Within Glass"  which filmed in June 2008 has finished editing and is waiting for the final version of the soundtrack to be completed (Character: Peter).

Internet Video Series "Life in a Game" has several episodes, some of which feature Angus (Character: Howard),  currently online. Some of these can be found at:
Life in a Game Episode 5-1
Life in a Game Episode 6-2
Life in a Game Episode Zero  (the Howard backstory)

The Vaguard Retirement series filmed last year is now available on the Vanguard Investments Web site (Character: Ralph) and can be viewed here.

The NYFA Short Film  "Ocean's Lover", directed by Giorgio Caridi is up on IMDb (Character: Roger). Check it out here.

Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto IV voice-over work continues -  look out for episode 2 of  "The History of Liberty City" in the new  "GTA: The Lost and the Damned"  currently available as a download for the Xbox 630.

Broadcasters Demo Commercial for STARBURST completed VO recording on Feb 19th (Character: Father-Scottish accent).

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