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Projects 2018 onwards

In late August 2018, Angus moved to London to help daughter Jennifer look after her three children while she continued appearing in Mamma Mia in the West End - a move which eventually became a permanent re-location back to the UK.
Doing continuous babysitting rather put a stop to any stage work but films and video  work continued with a first appearance on video with the Spontaneous Production show 'Frighteners' near the end of 2019. This was followed by a small role as a Solicitor in an independent feature film (The Surgeon) produced and directed by Becky Sharpe which just sneaked in before the first lockdown. The film is currently streaming on Amazon
prime and Tubi. Here's a trailer for it: The Surgeon trailer
So by early 2020, the pandemic had hit and everything fell apart.
Even then, new opportunities appeared. New York's Instant Shakespeare Company could no longer do readings in the public libraries and so Paul Sugarman, the founder of the company moved it onto zoom and readings continued virtually from early 2020 onwards. As of now (June 2022) ISC is in its 23rd season and I've done readings with them most of those years.
During 2020, Paul added contributions from the Shaw Project, playmastered by David Seatter and reevaluations of the history plays developed. by Stephen Brown. Then the scope expanded again to include Moliere and other European period playwrights, playmastered by Simone Coonrod where I worked on a few translations and adaptations as well as appearing in several of the readings.
Spontaneous Productions then presented a zoom reading of Jonathan Kaufman's adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" which was released on youtube for the holiday season of  2020. I got the chance to play Scrooge
A Christmas Carol
This was followed by a series of short monologues, presented as fundraisers under the general title of "Singular Voices"  I appeared in the first monologue of the 4th set: "Polari Pete", written by Julie Peakman.
Polari Pete by Julie Peakman
I'm revisiting Arbuzov's "An Old-Fashioned Comedy", converting a literal translation of the Russian original into a playable version in English, and am working up the series of staged readings Women Plays and Politics - Suffragette plays from the AFL: 1907-1914.  Hopefully these will go on zoom with Instant Shakespeare later this year.

Updated June 12th 2022